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Bahrija is an area in Rabat in the countryside. Beautiful scenes and nature makes it perfect for walks, tracking or hikes.

In the heart of the ares, is a little kids part surrounded by local restaurants serving only traditional dishes. Delicious I must say!

Walking further down, one reached the end of the road overlooking stunning water views. Anyone up for adventure can head down the fields and rocks and reach the cliffs as an off roading hike.

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Directions from D’Ambrogio to Bahrija (on foot):

Directions to Bahrija

Directions from D’Ambrogio to Bahrija (by bus – 109):

Directions to Bahrija

Once in the main part of town (restaurants), if you would like to go down to see the water views, walk down the hill on the left and keep walking down for about 8 to 10 minutes. Road ends on the left but feel free to explore further.