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Dingli Cliffs

Dingli cliffs are located off the village of Dingli and Rabat, on Malta’s Central Western coast at 253 meters above ground which makes it one of the highest points in Malta. The cliffs provide not only spectacular open sea views over an uninhabited protected isle of Filfla, but is also an ideal spot for walks, hikes, or a lovely jog.

Walking to Dingli Cliffs:

If you decide to go for a nice long walk, it takes about an hour (more or less depending on pace). Walk to the bus stop indicated in the image below and walk left (as indicated using the brown arrow). Keep walking always along the rubber wall until you hit a wall. Turn right along the rubber wall (opposite buildings) and keep going always straight. On your way you will enter Dingli City with shops, houses and their lovely church. Keep going further until you see the cliffs. If in doubt, ask anyone around, they are typically more than happy to help.


Public Transport from Rabat to Dingli Cliffs:

Bus 56 starting at 10:00am from Rabat, leaveing every hour.

For more information on public transport to Dingli, click here.